Grass Cutting:

  • ​​​(March to October) normally consists of Mowing, trimming, edging, of grass areas, & blowing off hard surfaces of generated clippings. (Note: Grass Cut visits exclude bed areas).


  • We can provide quality hardscaping services for a backyard swimming pool, an intricate stone walkway, or an eye-catching water feature.  We aim to deliver results that exceed our customers’ expectations.  

Turf Management: 

  • Grass Hopper uses the most advanced fertilizer technologies available on the market today. Our fertilizers provide all the macro and micro nutrients necessary for a beautiful a lawn. Each application is custom blended based on the season and applied at the optimum rate for the desired turf species. Weed and insect control will be applied as necessary at all four applications as well. This program will give the lawn the best possible opportunity for success. Other factors that should be considered are proper mowing and irrigation practices as well as adequate sunlight.

Flower Bed maintenance:

  • ​​​normally consists of flower bed areas and tree mulch ring areas being kept weed free. *Shrub, bushes, small trees (under 10-feet), ground-cover and perennials are to be kept trimmed to maintain nice neat appearance.

landscape renovation: 

  • ​​​With decades of experience and expertise, landscape renovations are some of our specialties and are great opportunities to improve the appearance of a home or commercial property. Whether a project requires enhancements of a specific area, a new hardscape project, or a complete renovation, we work with clients' to create scalable solutions for their properties.
    Landscape renovations are designed to fit our customers’ needs and maximize the beauty and functionality of their landscapes. Rather than constructing a new landscape from the ground up, we create a plan for the existing area to be repurposed over a period that fits our customers’ needs. 
    From the initial design to budgeting to installation, we complete all landscape renovations with our in-house experts.

Other Service: 

  • Mulch installs (flower bed and tree rings)
  • weed control in flower beds
  • ​bush hogging and light tractor work
  • debris removal, clean-up and haul off
  • tree, shrub, plant installation
  • seasonal flower installation (color)
  • bulk materials supplier (Rocks, Stones, Soils, Dirt, flagstones...)
  • ​we also do odd in service for our vip clients, just ask!

OUtdoor Lighting: 

  • ​​​For homeowners, properly installed outdoor lighting systems are multifunctional and beneficial. Strategically and tastefully placed fixtures effectively enhance security, illuminate pathways and driveways, and highlight interesting plants or architectural features.
    Our experience in designing, managing, and repairing low-voltage lighting systems includes everything from older, incandescent-fixture systems to newer, state-of-the-art systems that use LED fixtures.
    In the last several years, substantial improvements have been made to LED lighting systems and the quality of light that they produce. We encourage our customers to opt for LED fixtures because of reliability, efficiency, and the fact that LED bulbs do not require annual replacement—unlike incandescents. 

landscape installation: 

  • ​​​We believe upscale landscaping should compliment a home’s beauty and elegance. Our portfolio includes some of the finest homes in the Area because we work directly with our clients to determine precise goals for each project. Once landscaping projects are designed to the client’s specifications, the installation is scheduled to fit our clients’ time-frame, as well as the proper planting schedules.  We take care to install each landscape project correctly—the first time—minimizing any headaches along the way. With a full-service grounds management service agreement, your landscape installation is guaranteed. With this, you can be confident that grass hopper landscaping is going to be quality-driven from beginning to end. 

Sprinkler / Irrigation system installs and repairs:

  • ​​​Our Technicians can install and repair any problems in your system including sprinkler heads, valves, clocks, drip emitters, etc.. Each Technician is highly trained and specializes in this area.

Lawn aeration: 

  • Lawn aeration is essentially poking holes in the soil so air, water and nutrients can get to the roots. It also helps the soil to move. How do you know when it’s time to aerate your lawn? Here are some signs: 
  1. When the yard is being heavily used by children, pets and family
  2. When it’s part of a newly constructed home
  3. Has a spongy feel or seems dried out
  4. Has sod as the bottom layer with soil layering atop it

Leaf Clean-up (winter service): 

  • (November to February) normally consist of Using Mower to mulch up fallen Leaves / PineStraw, or bagging if customer has requested and has allocated the additional budgeted time.